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Economic Perspectives on Monetary Policy, Interest Rates, and Portfolio Returns [Premium Subscribers]

Measuring Market Sentiment: RSI and VIX [Premium Subscribers]

Distributing Cash to Shareholders: Dividends and Share Buybacks

Holiday Enthusiasm

Valuation is Not a Catalyst [Premium Subscribers]

Financial Engineering and Corporate Share Repurchases [Premium Subscribers]

Interest Rates are Not All the Same [Premium Subscribers]

The Marshmallow Test [Premium Subscribers]

Investor Positioning and Resiliency in AUM [Premium Subscribers]

Inflation Update, 11/13/2022 [Premium Subscribers]

Margin Loan Statistics [Premium Subscribers]

Dow Jones versus NASDAQ

Notes & Quotes from the Fed Press Conference on 11/2/2022 [Premium Subscribers]

“The Price of Anything” [Premium Subscribers]

Healthcare: Outcomes for Patients and Patient Investing

Inflation Update, 10/17/2022 [Premium Subscribers]

Historical Consistency in Long Term Index Returns

Revealing Favorable Investing Environments for the S&P 500 Index [Premium Subscribers]

TINA Effect Ends [Premium Subscribers]

Volatility Trading: Mix with the VIX [Premium Subscribers]

Money Supply [Premium Subscribers]

There’s a Bull Market Somewhere

Market Update, 9/8/2022

7 Traits in Investing in the Innovation Economy [Premium Subscribers]

Antiwork [Premium Subscribers]

Wealthy Software Engineers Are Implicitly Good Stock Pickers

Market Outlook [Premium Subscribers]

Volatility in Innovation Investing

Trends in Living Situations [Premium Subscribers]

Healthtech: Why Now? [Premium Subscribers]

Coffee [Premium Subscribers]

Options Provide Probabilities on Potential Future Stock Price Outcomes [Premium Subscribers]

Another Look at Remote Work

Introduction to Healthtech [Premium Subscribers]

Grocery Delivery [Premium Subscribers]

Intro to Cloud Kitchens [Premium Subscribers]

Visualizing the American Healthcare Industry

“Duration Trade” to “Recession Trade”: Early Indications for a Transition

Technical Analysis of Defensive Sectors

Industry Spotlight: Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)

Pulse Check on Tech Stocks

Launching Paid Subscriptions 💰🚀

Intro to the Gaming Industry

Exponential Growth Opportunities

OpenAI's DALL-E 2 Launch

Why Uranium is Up 100%

Online Identity Management in Virtual Worlds

What's the Downside?

Types of Investors and Investing


Inflation, Interest Rates, and Equity Market Impact

Berkshire Grey ($BGRY)

Changes in Consumer Behavior

Tech Stock Pulse Check: Feb 2022

Soy to the World

BNPL and Affirm ($AFRM)

Tech Stock Pulse Check: Jan 2022

Montrose Environmental Group ($MEG)

2021: A Year in Review