Sitemap - 2021 - Drawing Capital Research

Business Strategy for Startup Founders: Circles of Excellence and Expansion

The Intersection of Data Science, Software, and Digital Transformation

Revenue Growth Endurance

Patent Data Analysis

Global Supply Chain Shock

Visualizing Labor Productivity

Simplicity in Investment Returns

Index Funds Impact Price Volatility & Change Market Structure

Masquerading Business Models

Opportunities in Data Analytics

2 Styles in Investing: Batting Average vs Slugging Percentage

Chasing the Right Tail

Building an Investment Framework for Evaluating Companies

Payment Processors, Indexers, and Asset Managers

Internet Scale Businesses

Unicorns and Investing in Startups

Ascending Software Mountain: "MT SAAS"

E-Commerce in a Post-Pandemic World

Fiat Currency and the Demise of Bretton Woods

Surfing the Multi-Trillion Dollar E-Commerce Wave

Navigating Financial Markets with Dynamic Asset Allocation, Treasury Yields, and the VIX

FANGMAN Companies Reach the $10 Trillion Milestone

Macroeconomic Perspectives on Inflation and Portfolio Returns

A Superpower Metric: The Importance of Contribution Margin

Leveraged Growth Investing

Introducing DC Ventures

Bessemer’s Cloud Index and Categorizing Software Companies

Social Commerce and the Influencer Economy

Digitizing the Future with Software & Cloud Computing

The Power of Compounding Returns with Time

Getting the Investing Odds in Your Favor by Understanding Market Structure

Demystifying Stock Market Indices and Visualizing Historical Market Probabilities

A Changing Media Landscape

University Endowments and The Necessity for High-Growth Innovation Investing

"Free" Stock Trading Is Not Free

Software Metrics & Historical Returns

Private Investment Marketplaces

Portfolio Returns, Loss Recovery, & Using Leverage

What are Non Fungible Tokens?

Augmented Reality: Trends, Applications, and Potential

Robotic Process Automation

Hydroelectric Power

Getting Dirty with AgTech

Podcast Release: The Recap

Growth-Quake & Thoughts on Market Volatility

Solar Can Light Up Our World

The Internet Space Race: Starlink vs. Project Kuiper

Exploration of Palantir: Data Integration, Data Protection, and Time-to-Value

Investing in ETFs and Index Funds: Signal vs Noise

3D Printing is Building the Future

The Exciting IPO Environment

Short Squeezes, GameStop, and Trending Market Dynamics

SPAC Analysis for Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings

Enthusiasm for Semiconductors and Next-Generation Computing

Marijuana's High Growth Opportunity

Analyzing Technology Companies

Relative Market Valuations, Yields, and Investor Demand for Returns